Hey there and welcome to Nate Carpenter Photography and Cinematography. My backstory starts with my obsession with computers and cameras since I was young and was blessed enough with an iPhone and a laptop. Together these enabled me to run rampant around filming and photographing everything in sight. Over the years I learned more about the science behind cameras as well as the techniques used in the industry by the most well known photographers and filmmakers. However, I didn't receive my first DSLR, an actual camera, till the Christmas before my 18th birthday. That's when the idea for photography and cinematography became much more feasible. Fast forward to present day, I am able to combine the knowledge that I have gained and my style to take the photos and films that are on this page. I have worked with some of the top law firms in the Houston area such as JL Carpenter Law, and I have worked with residents across the Houston area to capture photos of their fleeting moments, portraits of whole families, as well as couples and senior portraits. Additionally, I create films to promote businesses as well capture events for anyone whether it be a single person, a family, or a business. Feel free to stay up to date with me by following my social medias below, as well as viewing more of my work. Thank you for your time and business.